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31 is a 2016 American horror film written, directed and produced by Rob Zombie, and starring an ensemble cast featuring Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Meg Foster, Richard Brake, Jane Carr, Judy Geeson, E.G. Daily, and Malcolm McDowell.

Kenneth Minear mentioned " 31 is just another knockoff of rob's the devil's rejects and which is a much better movie. Five carnies get kidnapped by a gang of clowns and then are forced to play a survival game called 31. After a promising start movie gets routine, by the numbers and irksome and annoying not to mention here all the profanity and graphic violence doesn't work in this movie instead of engaging it's very off putting. A few good musical pieces by beethoven and the 1960s group mamas & papas but save your time and money. a 1 out of 10."


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Storyboard Artist (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 2 years. it was a great experience but it a stressful one. Lots of ego and they have the artists work in the basement. no sunlight. no outlets for creatives. it was depressing. Cons: Late hours and no over time. Low pay rate"

Senior Concept Artist (Former Employee) says

"The job culture at Lucasfilm is the best. Every day is such fun because you're working with the coolest and most talented artist in the world. Unfortunately, they're unable to provide competitive salaries for the bay area."

Desktop Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Pros: While there Lucasfilm had nice perks like free movies and parties now and again. Working for the Star Wars company is always a good conversation starter. People all across the company are smart, kind, motivated and generally very good at what they do. They do their best to provide good health care and benefits with a work life balance in the mix. This is ending in 2013, after which I no longer work there."

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Long hours and very little pay for the production staff. The promotion process is extremely slow."

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